Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peluang yang cerah?

Assalamualaikum dan hai =)

Dah tido ke? Awalnye? eh. takde la awal mana. Aku yang suka tidur lewat. hihihi. Well, biasalaaa.. kerja tanam anggur je pon so banyak free time =P

Peluang yang cerah? What is it? haha. Nope. Just that I ade pergi interview last week then I think that I ade peluang cerah untuk dapat job tu. Hope so!

That employer cakap dia agak sangsi nak ambil budak degree because his friends and senior rumored that budak degree ni easily come in and out because they have their degree and they want the job that suit their degree. So he afraid I tak kerja lama kalau dia accept I for that job. opinion is that zaman sekarang ni degree ni kecil je. Berlambak lambak orang ada degree. So, why need to be choosy about job? Ade chance anywhere just grab it la. If not for good salary why not for the experience? Lagipon, setinggi mana belajar kalau takde pengalaman atau kemahiran, still kena belajar dari bawah kan? Betul tak? Okay, that is just my opinion. hehe

So, never give up! Insya Allah ada rezeki lepasni. Cepat atau lambat tak kisah. Orang sabar tak rugi. Kita kenalah berusaha sampai berjaya. Walau dah berjaya, usaha hingga puas. haha..Okay rakan sekalian. jom kite tidur. Ayah pon dah warning suruh tidur. hehe. Keep positive mind and don't forget to smile =)

P/S: Istanbul Aku Datang movie is not bad. Cuci mata tengok Tomok. haha #SukaHati


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Long time no update

Assalamualaikum semua.
Long long long long time no see. hahaha
apa khabar semua?

Currently I've already enter my new phase of life after already graduated from my studying life. Further study? oh no. maybe not this time. For now, better for me to go to industry. Gain some experiences, knowledges so I'll know better about what life. hehe.

It's not really easy to get a good life after study. To get a job? You may need to work harder since we are all competing with all job seekers in entire world. There is a lot of job advertising everywhere especially in internet. However, don't just hope that the online application only would give you bright opportunities to get a job. We may need to go to company by company on ourselves to show our effort which is much valuable by the employers. Well, currently I'm still seeking for my better job. I am not being choosy for my job but sometimes some conditions not allowing me to stay in certain job position. Tak paham? abaikan. haha after study...
Like other said. Confirm rindu zaman belajar bila dah kerja. TRUE!
I miss my friends and my study life very much. Its so different with working environment. Macamanapon, life must go on. We are already arrived at the level where we need to be matured and learn to be responsible to those who already raise us with much difficulties. More than that, we need to get money to get MARRIED! hahahaha......

Well, good luck for myself in job seeking things. Hope ade rezeki kat mana mana. InsyaAllah =)

JanganRinduDulu ^_~