Monday, July 29, 2013

Believe ourselves


People always wanted the best in whatever they do. Trying to get successful life as dream since we are young. Working hard to show our ability to impress others. Always making self improvement in order to learn some more experiences. Walking with high spirit and confident in doing their tasks.

However, these spiritual and motivational minded and soul will not constantly being positive. We shall get tired and when that moment came, we feel like we had failed, everything going wrong, others looking down on us. At this moment, we will start to think about having a new target and aims in life. Eventhough we will need to start from the lowest again.

Do not afraid of being failed. It will be a new starting point to another experience of success.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I have positive in myself

Being trusted from superior seems great yet making us nervous and worried.
When they trust us, they make an expectation. Thus, what if we doesn't make into their expectation?

"Do you have confident in yourself?" . and I replied, "I have positive in myself"

Have no courage to say that I am confident. Not because I am not confident but I'm afraid I'll be over confident after being praised once. So the best answer I can give is I am positive that I want to do this! I want to try to do this! 

We don't know the taste until we try it. Isn't it?

Keep Positive Ana Musa! At the same time keep lower yourself. Don't be too proud. You are not yet success. Lots more to experience. Just....Keep it up! InsyaAllah...


Saturday, February 16, 2013



Hi uollsss.

Long time no write in here.

How your life? Mine? Its going to be two months already holding the title as a worker. So, everyday doing the same routine, going to office early in the morning and go back home resting and sleep. The different is what I learned from day to day. 

Gossiping among the colleague especially the senior staff cause to hear lots of company rumours and gossips. May be good may be bad one. Sometimes I got worried by the bad rumours and start to think how long can I survive in this company? However, I keep reminding myself that this is normal. Anywhere we work will probably has its own bad rumours and variety of attitude of each workfellow to deal.

Everyday I just need to start my day by think positive things and be confident to go to work everyday. 

Keep remind that stress is everywhere and we are not even possible to run from stress and problems. 

I still have the feeling that I can do this. No matter how slow my learning process, as long as my slow learning will not affect to much to this company, I will keep doing my best.

Fighting Ana! don't be down. There is people who experienced worst than yours. by the way, yours is not that worst. Its just the learning process. remember!!

Anyway, lets be happy in life and do anything we want as long as we can do it and WHILE WE YOUNG! *young kerrr??? tsk! T_T


Tuesday, January 1, 2013




First of all, thanks 2012 for all. 2012 mengakhiri zamanku datang kelas, study untuk quizzes and exams, buat homeworks and all student lifestyle. I gonna miss 2012 for that =)

Hello 2013!

Benda yang selari dengan wish tahun baru adalah azam baru. This year aku ada azam baru. Azam yang tak pernah aku forwardkan dari tahun baru ke tahun baru. This is a new wish I ever had in a new year. 

Semorang nak jadi yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Begitu juga aku. Aku nak jadi muslimah yang lebih baik. Aku harap niat aku ni akan selari dengan semangat dan ketabahan hati supaya ianya akan tercapai. Kalau korang baca ni doakanlah untuk aku ye. huhu. terima kasih.

Aku jadi nervous kerana azam ni. huhu. aku betul betul nak perbaiki diri. Nak disiplin diri. Nak jadi insan yang berguna dan maju ke hadapan rohani dan jasmani. Insya-Allah ^_^

Korang pon tanamlah azam korang tu dalam dalam. semoga azam yang forward forward tu pon bakal tercapai tahun ni. Aminnn~~


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Never waste the second chance.

Assalamualaikum. Whatsup?!!

I got a job! Yayyy!!
This time I may need to endure all pressure and problem arise. 

Keep in mind:

This is another opportunity given by Allah S.W.T. Be grateful and don't ever waste it. 
Any job has its own pressure. So anywhere and any job is the same. Still have the pressure.

Be positive minded. They might torture you because they also in difficult situation. 

The best part is you will learn new knowledge and experiences from all the hardness.

Trust yourself. Always believe that you can do the best as others. I AM THE BEST!

Challenge yourself and never give up! Any problem always has solution.

Allah is always with you. Believe in Him.

There is some motivation sentences from me to myself. From time to time, I may need to keep motivate myself in order to balance my emotion and mind. The positive thing about stress that I know is it makes me stronger.