Thursday, December 27, 2012

Never waste the second chance.

Assalamualaikum. Whatsup?!!

I got a job! Yayyy!!
This time I may need to endure all pressure and problem arise. 

Keep in mind:

This is another opportunity given by Allah S.W.T. Be grateful and don't ever waste it. 
Any job has its own pressure. So anywhere and any job is the same. Still have the pressure.

Be positive minded. They might torture you because they also in difficult situation. 

The best part is you will learn new knowledge and experiences from all the hardness.

Trust yourself. Always believe that you can do the best as others. I AM THE BEST!

Challenge yourself and never give up! Any problem always has solution.

Allah is always with you. Believe in Him.

There is some motivation sentences from me to myself. From time to time, I may need to keep motivate myself in order to balance my emotion and mind. The positive thing about stress that I know is it makes me stronger. 



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