Monday, October 17, 2011

Short note to self

This semester and next semester gonna be shorter than before.
Lots of homework make my time shorten.
Do you?

I really need a good time management. 
Note to self: Be discipline please!

SMILE for a positive mind!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

No time to blog.

When there is an idea but no mood
Pray hard. Especially for PSM

Its true story -_-"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random from the last 3 weeks


*lap kiri lap kanan. Lap atas bawah*
Phewww phewwww.... berhabuk. nampak tak? Lama tak update blog kan.
Kenapa lama tak update?

1. Internet is slow
2. Have many things to write but have no desire to start writting
3. I'm just a lazy girl
4. Keep postpone it till abandoned!

First of all... Hye October!
welcome to my calendar. Please be nice to me this month and give me more benefit that worse things. InsyaAllah~~

What happen recently? Of course dah banyak assignment kena buat. PSM lagi. Homaiii....
When talk about PSM, I feel nervous all of sudden. Mana taknye, Next week nak present dah. Entah diterima ke tak tajuk aku ni. Wahai semangat PSM!! Ku seru kau datang menemani diri ini. hihihi

In this 3 weeks also i do many thing with my 'kejiranan' . hehe. Ade yang first time buat pon ade. 
~Pergi cuci kereta~
 ~Pesta Konvo UTM~
 ~Autoshow Pesta Konvo UTM~
 ~Dinner at Agus Taman Universiti~
 ~Open House at new friends' house~
~Peel the banana ice cream~

That was fun! hehe
Hope this coming days will always be better than before. I have to organize my time very well as i can be so busy with assignments, lab, report, PSM and stuff. If i feel stressed, i should take a rest. =)
Lets sing and dance! =P

"Problems come to make us think the solution.
Without the problem we have no experience to solve it. Be positive and think all the posibilities to solve the problem. No problem no life laaa. "

 You too my dear... lets both of us fight till our end for our final year!

and thanks for the gifts. (^^,)

I Love You and I Love You