Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This semester gonna end soon and my LAST semester of my study is coming soon. That LAST word actually can be include into several condition along with that LAST semester. For example, LAST for me to be with my course mate (Friends), LAST for me to be in UTM as student, LAST for me to always hang out freely without parents permission *hehehe* and many more LAST. Every LAST would have the new BEGINNING. I'm gonna miss my study life time with my cheerful and fun friends. =(

Wish that my LAST session would end nicely and if it cannot be perfect, it should be just good. =)



Legasi Piston Pecah said...

it is not ur last chance to hang out freely without parents permission.... cari kerja jauh-jauh eh?kikiki

Ana Musa said...

Hope parents bagi kerja jejauh -_-"

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