Friday, July 8, 2011

Jom pergi GEGO!


Hi everybody!
Feeling to speaking today? nahhh. maybe just rojak. hahaha

Today rase happy semacam. Don't know why but i love it. I love when i'm being crazy and happy. haha. Kan best kalau every morning mood I macam ni. I like this mood! The crazy and happy morning along with a wish for a good day. Serious i like it!. Feel like boleh senyum sampai ke telinga. =)

Well, enough saying about my mood for today. haha. Actually today I planned to go to GEGO. Its the JB Art Festival. Its fun there! I've been there once with my awesome friends and i love that festival!! How about you all especially who are in JB today to visit the festival and don't forget to stop at my friend's stall (PAMA's Closet) huhu. or else you all can visit >>>> JOHO for futher information. =)

Currently i'm about to finishing my report for the project for my industrial training. Actually tak sabar sangat nak habiskan sesi Latihan Industri ni. Nak lepak rumah hangout dengan adik adik dan hopely belajar masak! hehehehe. I will be at home for the whole fasting month and that is fucking awesome!!! Now i have to finish up my project and get ready to have the truly semester break/holiday!!!!

P/S: Heharap sangat dapat tengok drama 'You've Fallen for me' even dah cuti sepenuhnya kat rumah. Aminnnn~~



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