Thursday, February 10, 2011

Actually i need your help.

Lately i feel like nothing.
I have something miserable in my head.
It makes my heart feeling something unwanted.
I don't know either he or me whose make mistake,
Which at the end this feeling come to me.

I don't understand this feeling.
Its kinda hurt him.
But in the same time it hurt me too,
Because i don't really want this feeling.
Hardly think what is the reason for this feeling to be in my heart.
Its kinda disease here.

I'm bored.
I have no mood to feel the love.
I even don't care what will he feel.
This heart become hard like a rock.
The ego become higher.
Feel like don't wanna meet him.
Don't have the feel to keep in touch with him.

I'm still want him to say hello to me.
To be caring to me.
To be kind on me.
To understand me deeply inside my heart.
To help me to solve this unwanted feeling!!

I know its kinda unfair to you,
Because only you that must be kind to me.
I don't say that i'm not anymore loving you,
But i'm in no mood to love at this moment.
I don't really intended to hurt your feeling.
Actually i need your help!
I want you to help me solve this feeling.
I want to love you more.
I don't want to have this hard feeling!
I can't say this to you directly because the ego is mastering my heart.
But can you help me this time.
Begging you to help me return our love in my heart.

I think i don't cry for long time. But now i wanna cry behind a smile.




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