Monday, February 7, 2011

Self reminder: Lazy

In this world, there are no ugly women. But only lazy women. 
(Dreamhigh ep 8)

I watched this episode this morning. However, i kept thinking about this sentence from that morning until now. Why? why did i kept thinking about it? Because i feel like wanna denying myself to be included in the group of lazy women as the sentence said above eventhough sometimes i feel like a lazy woman. haha sometimes ke?? =P

There is no ugly women. Yes! i agree with it. You can see someone's beauty not only when you looking at her but also after you get to know about her. =) Its only my opinion and i dunno how you all describing the beauty in women in your mind. =)

Only lazy women. Yeah, there must be lazy women out there but not all of them. Perhaps! hihi. And YES! i admit that i'm lazy but I don't wanna be the lazy woman. I must keep this in my mind so that i'll keep remind myself to not being a lazy woman. InsyaAllah. May god give strenght to me to do this. =) Amin~

p/s: Susah kalau dah malas ni. Nak cari penawar bukan senang.



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