Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What will happen next??

Good Morning!

Yeah! am i too early for morning wish? and do you think i woke up too early?
haha. Actually i'm not sleeping yet for tonight. As ussual, this lazy girl need to study at last minute before she has to attend a class with a test. 

You know what its been awhile since i stop doing my habits. I thought that i'll consistently avoid doing those habits again but then sometimes i just think that i need them. What is the habits? Haha. for those who had following my blog must had read about my habit. It is drink coffee and stay up late at night (maybe not sleep for the whole night) just like what i did tonight. hehe

Just now i feel sleepy and feel like can't continue to stay up and will be going to sleep at anytime. However, i manage to control the sleepy by:

1. Make up a story in my twitter.
2. Listening to my favorite artist's songs.
3. Watching movies while writing notes.
4. Do some dance step which i practiced since yesterday and its fun okayyy!
5. Taking sahur. (like an early breakfast) =)
6. Updating my blog! haha

The question:-

When will i sleep?
- When i think i can't handle it anymore.
Will i sleep in the class?
- I guess maybe...hihi..but i'll try to cover line. =P
Can i concentrate in the class?
- Ermmm. maybe yes and maybe not. depend on my self battery. haha
Why am i doing this eventhought i know what will happen later?
- Because i'll feel bad if i'm not even study a little bit for the test. Loser me for not study earlier. =P

Haha. This is me. Hope i'll do better next time. Amin~



Khai_Low said...

wah~ u faced d same situation with me~!! once, masa i study dulu, nescafe 3-in-1 tu memang my fav, tapi sebab zaman dulu, broadband pun baru nak naek, so..xde tenet..wifi pon dah nak last sem, baru ada. haha. so, i memang tido lambat. plus kalau ada test/final exam untuk esok, memang tak tido la~ sebab i takot apa yg i study untuk subject tu, bila tidur, lupa segala formula.haha! nice entry!

Ana Musa said...

Haha. maybe life student memang cenggitu kot. hikhik
nasib baik zaman i ade wifi/kabel. boleh jugak nak tetweet ke. blogging ke. hihi
untung kan i. haha *ayat kasi jeles*
Thx for reading! =)

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