Thursday, March 11, 2010

dedicated post~~love

today . its my birthday . 

i know u didn't mean to make me cry on my birthday . 
i know u wanna make me happy on my day . 
i know u sacrifice ur time to give special treat on my day . 
i know u wanna do anything for me . 

i'm sorry . 
i was wrong . 
i was too emotional . 
i'm not being fair to you . 
i'm not trying to understand u . 
i make u feel guilty on me . 
i make u feel unsuccessfull to make me happy . 

in my heart,
i feel that i love u so so so much . 
i was so lucky to have u in my life . 
i feel like i wanna hug u and don't wanna let u go . 
i hope i will never hurt u anymore but i cant make any promise . my bad . 
i wanna live on this earth juz with u . 
i don't think i can live without u .

thanks for the present . 
i love it so so so much . 
i was so suprise n happy .
if u can see how i smile rite now . 
i really love u so much .

p/s:this post dedicated to my dear MOHAMAD SHAKIB BIN ROZANO with lots of love from me . . . i hope u read it . .


cik ita lurv amy said...

so sweet my dear....

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