Monday, November 22, 2010

1.52 a.m. mind #-_-

Why is it as the time goes second by second and as i'm become older and older, I'm also become lazy and lazy and lazy girl. Is it because of my aging factor or because me myself can't motivate my own mind to be positive and struggle to survive. Poor me. I think I need something that can make me move. Make me feel better and calm. Make me focus on what i should.

Girl. Always playing with their own heart including me myself. Its may because of the loneliness and an empty feeling. The feeling was filled with unnecessary thing which disturbed the focus. And then....time left us behind.

When the focus attracted to other things
where actually there is........

something most important thing need to focus at this time!!

and then
I think
I need to sleep
I think
my mind and soul and body
are actually

Niteyyy people!


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