Sunday, April 18, 2010

2nd Anniversary....{"_"}

As u all can see up up of this blog. at the daisypath. There are the prove that today is our 
oh, I really excited waiting for this day? why? because I still with him for 2 years long and hopely we are really meant together forever. Amin..

ok.. I wanna write a LOVE LETTER here.. jangan mare..lagipon its my blog..huhu

Dear Sayang,
Happy 2nd anniversarry to u and me. My love for you never change. However it keep increasing day to day. minute to another minute. Second to another second. waahh.. kind of jiwang lak kan.. I'll always pray for our happiness and hoping that u will be mine forever in my life and I will always yours. Hope god bless our relationship. I love you damn much!! hehe.. 
I'm sorry for everything I've done to u that make u hurt. Thanks a lot for everything u done for me. I know u always wanna do the best for me and its come from your heart. I can see it. Thanks a lot dear.
Love from me for u is just like:-
L - like crazy!!!
O - of course!!!
V - Very much!!
E - Every beat of my heart....
Lots of love,        
********************************************************** letter..simple one..sory syg no idea anymore cz what exactly that i wanna tell u is just " I LOVE U " that all.....hehehe
yes, aku taw ade je orang yg da lagi lame dari aku tapi aku tak kira.. aku nak excited gak!!!! ianya satu kejayaan dalam hidup ok!!
hehe... that all la...
jangan rindu dulu~~~


Amy Syaquena said...

Follow me on my blog for my updates! :)nice to meet u and have a good day!!

meo188 said...


gadis hijau disitu said...

Syaquena: thx for visiting my blog..!! =)hv a nice dy for u too....!!

meo: thx.!!(^_^)v

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