Friday, April 16, 2010

Isu Semasa

3 days to go. Going to sit for my final paper for final exam. its Digital Image Processing. Now. trying to study early which i mean 3 days before and not the day before the exam. hehe. InsyaAllah. hope can answer this paper peacefully without being too nervous. hulalala. 

study. study.

Next week. My survey camp started at the day after the final paper. its three week. three week in UTM. Is it any possiblity that i can go home for a while in that time?? Thingking eh thinking without getting the answer yet. Ohh my brother, can i borrow your moto for 3 weeks? macam dy nak bagi. dy nak gi sekolah nek ape nanti. aha. Dengar2 kena byr wit sewa bilik within the week for survey camp ni. halorhh. Free tabuleh ke?? ohoo. 

Thingking eh lagi thinking also wanna packing my stuff and sending to home sweet home. Tapi byknye barang saye. Ade BEG GUNI tak?? besar punyerrrr....

Nak keje. nak keje. nak keje. 
sape nak aku keje kat kedai dia? amek la aku. 2 bulan uu cuti. kasi la kije kat aku. keje bergaji la weh. mahu berdikari. beli megi masak sendiri. huahaha. Mak ooo mak. Ayah ooo ayah. Ana mahu keje cuti ni buleh la. dekat2 pon tape asalkan Ana keje. tamo gemok sbb x wat pape kat umah nanti. So, Ana keje eh. bole kan. kan. kan. uhu.

All about it. Got to think it. How to do it. 
Lets Find the way to get it.

Jangan rindu dulu~~lots of love


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